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Live the experience of India, a country diverse in its topography, culture and heritage. Satiate your senses through a tour of India with an informative personal guide by your side. Mr. Chandrahas Singh is the name you can look up to for making your India visit a memorable one!

You will have many things to do and see while on a tour to India. Whether you just laze on a beautiful beach or go on a life changing trek to Himachal Pradesh or live through a spiritual sojourn or immerse yourself in the history that constitutes India, I will make every trip of yours come alive and add to your bagful of memories. You will be taken around all the must visit spots and sites and enriched with the stories that have gone into their making. You will be enlightened with the history of memorials and shrines, culture, customs and traditions of the people in India. The knowledge and passion for India that I hold will guarantee that your visit is made worth the money.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish to my credit obtained from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India in 2004. I have several years’ experience working as a Spanish tour guide and later on began guiding tourists in English too. I speak Spanish, English and Hindi. I am associated with many travel agencies and have the requisite experience to guide the tourist around travel sites in Northern India as well as around the southern, western and eastern parts of India. Guiding on a Buddhist tour and recounting the life of Buddha to the tourists by taking them to all places connected to his life is my special passion. I have organized several tours for my respected customers and my itinerary is comprehensive and unique. I am an expert in designing customized travel packages for my customers which guarantees their total satisfaction.

I had launched a travel website in Spanish by name of El Mundo Viaje A India in late 2012. It is my India travel blog containing lots of images, videos and travel routes posted by me. A similar website in English was launched in 2014 by the name of ‘Make A Tour India’. Travelling is my passion and I have undertaken many tours on requests for travel in India. It is my profession and I have several testimonials from my friends all over the world to prove my worth.

I have a team of professionals who ensure that the travel experience of every tourist meets to their expectations and more. Customers of well-known travel agencies can experience a well -planned and customized travel itinerary by availing my services. I offer my proposal along with my catalogue to travel agencies only on request.

I would also welcome requests for associating with me as a travel agent for Make a Tour India on a commission basis. I am totally trustworthy and have a Government approved tourist guide license from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.  Interested people can avail of my services through the following contact details.


LICENSE ID: ITD / PT / 16/10


WHATS AP: +919868604896