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Myself in Taj Mahal

I am Chandrahas and used to guide tourists for over 10 years in individual, couple, family and group. I think the only way to travel is to follow the new tourism template, but with a little courage and decide to trust my experience with the intention to stop work independently, offer my travel deals, guide my groups in India and inform speaking about India through my travel blog, video and recent photos.

I had finished my bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India in 2004. Then i had thought to work as a tour guide in Spanish only. But later I have started to guide foreign tourist in English. Since then I have been working as a Spanish and English tourist guide with several travel agencies wholesalers and retailers. I have an experience to guide a tourist not only in northern India, but also in southern India, eastern India and western India.

In late 2012, I launched a travel website El Mundo Viaje A India in Spanish which is my India travel blogs, news related to tourism India, videos, pictures and some specific routes. In early 2014, i had launched a travel website called Make A Tour India in English.

Myself in Taj Mahal with Mexican Group

I have received requests to travels in India. I have also received many recommendations from my friends globally.

I am a trustworthy person and Government approved tourist guide licensed from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. I have conducted my own successful tours organized for my esteemed customers. My itinerary is having complete description of the cities with different kind of tour packages. I am completely dedicated to offer personalized and customized travel deals in India.

I also accept request to join hands as a travel agent for Make A Tour India. For this purpose I provide an opportunity to new comers as well as experienced travel agents to work on commission basis.  I also provide services for customers of any renowned travel agency in India. For a travel agency I will send my proposal with catalog only on request.

I’m having a team of professionals who work and are able to provide the best travel related services throughout India. For any assistance I leave my personal information with my identification number of licensed guide.


LICENSE ID: ITD / PT / 16/10


WHATS AP: +919868604896