West India Tour Packages

West India TravelOur west India trip expert at Make A Tour India is offering the best tour packages including tours to its famous travel destination. We are specialized in offering cheap travel deals in western India with the best hotel deals. West India is having some of the world heritage property listed in the UNESCO such as Ajanta and Ellora. Goa is a famous destination for honeymoon couple and developed as a center to take rest near the beaches. Gujarat is having some beautiful temples and lions in Gir forest. Madhya Pradesh is having some ancient temples and beautiful scenery with tigers and waterfalls.

Gujarat Tour Packages (13 N/14 D)

Gujarat is becoming the famous tourist spot which receives travelers from all over the world to know vibrant Gujarat. Make A Tour India is offering cheap travel deals to plan Gujarat tours with the best tour packages which covers a trip of amalgamation of temples, palaces, sea beaches and the National Park. We are intending to offer economic travel packages to explore the real treasure of Gujarat state.  View Details

Maharashtra Tour Packages (11 N/12 D)

Maharashtra is a state full of Marathi culture. Our trip expert is offering the best travel deals for Maharashtra tour packages covering tours in Ajanta and Elora with other famous destinations in the wide spread of the region. We have included a visit to Elephanta caves, a pleasant stay in Lonavala, Khandala and the most popular Shirdi ke Sai Baba. Ajanta and Elora are listed in the UNESCO as world heritage site.  View Details

Goa Tour Packages (3 N/4 D)

Goa is a famous destination among honeymoon couple so that Make A Tour India comes with Goa tour packages with the best travel offer so that you can easily plan your trip finding the best deals for your tours. With the most beautiful beaches one can relax in Goa enjoying dinner with fenny, a local wine. Goa was the center of Portuguese settlement till 1962 so that one can witness Portuguese influence in the cultural heritage of Goa. Goa is really offering a picturesque stay for honeymoon celebration, massage, marine foods and one can enjoy the dance and music. In this tour packages we are intending to offer 3 nights and 4 days stay in Goa with breakfast, lunch and dinner.  View Details

Madhya Pradesh Tour Packages (15 N/16 D)

Madhya Pradesh tour packages are a trip offered by Make A Tour India covering all tours destinations with cheap travel deals with excellent hotels. MP is becoming famous tourist spot among domestic travelers because of its natural beauty. In MP we find National Park where you have a chance to catch view of tigers, ancient temples, caves, fort and palaces. Nearby its capital Bhopal one can visit Bhimbetaka which depicts linear paintings of primitive era. No one can forget Khajuraho’s temples where there are 75 vivid sculptures to show us postures to make love.  View Details