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Make A Tour India is a new venture in travel and tourism industry which is dedicated to make panoramic, excellent and magnificent inbound tour from Asia, Australia, North America, Europe and Africa. We have operation in all over India from north to south and from east to west. We are dedicated to make India trip with the best hotels, transport, English speaking guide and regional language guide. Our itineraries include all the destinations and all the services that a traveler needs during his stay in India.

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I am Chandrahas and used to guide tourists for over 10 years in individual, couple, family and group. I think the only way to travel is to follow the new tourism template, but with a little courage and decide to trust my experience with the intention to stop work independently, offer my travel deals, guide my groups in India and inform speaking about India through my travel blog, video and recent photos.

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India Tour Packages


Golden triangle India is a small tour itinerary to visit Delhi, Jaipur and Agra with economic packages by our travel expert with the most destined tours. In a weak, our trip expert is going to show you a glimpse of Indian culture, tradition, religion, heritage, arts and crafts.


Find many offers for your Rajasthan tour packages with Make A Tour India which intends to make India tours with unforgettable memory. Rajasthan tours is an itinerary of 14 days where we are intending to include a trip to Jaipur known as the pink city, Udaipur known as white or lake city, Jodhpur known as blue city, Jaisalmer known as the golden city with rural India trip in Mandawa.


North India is having many world heritage monuments recognized by UNESCO. Our intention is to include all these sites in north India heritage tours. In this itinerary, we have intensified attention to include visit in the most popular places in India such as Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Khajuraho and Varanasi with a rural India trip in Mandawa and Abhaneri.


Find wildlife tours in north India with Make A Tour India which offers holidays in the dense forest of India where you will find wild animals, species flora and fauna. We are focusing in this itinerary India tours with Indian tiger.


Make A Tour India is offering pilgrimage tour packages in north India which include the entire religious site where you feel real Indian spiritualism. In this pilgrimage tours, you will visit two golden temples: Amritsar and Varanasi. In this itinerary, we have included a guided trip in Amritsar, Varanasi, Rishikesh, Haridwara and Dharamshala. We have tried our level best to include the important religious group such as Hindu, Islam, Sikh and Buddha which form the culture and tradition of India.


South India temple tours are a unique itinerary proposed by Make A Tour India in which you will visit the cities which is famous for giant temple of Hindu religion. In this itinerary we include services in accordance with your choice. In this tour we intend to include a visit in the temple built by several monarchs in several centuries. These temples are built in Dravidian style.


Kerala backwater tours and travels are offered by our esteemed travel agency where you will find many offers of tour packages to promote tourism. In this itinerary, we have a plan to show you natural beauty of Kerala which includes sea beaches tours, Lake Cruise tours and spice garden tours, safari tours in wild life sanctuaries and temple tours.


Madhya Pradesh tour packages are a trip offered by Make A Tour India covering all tours destinations with cheap travel deals with excellent hotels. MP is becoming famous tourist spot among domestic travelers because of its natural beauty. In MP we find National Park where you have a chance to catch view of tigers, ancient temples, caves, fort and palaces. Nearby its capital Bhopal one can visit Bhimbetaka which depicts linear paintings of primitive era. No one can forget Khajuraho’s temples where there are 75 vivid sculptures to show us postures to make love.


In these days, Make A Tour India will show you panoramic Kashmir (Paradise of India). In this trip you would visit the cities near the Himalayas. Visit the cities of Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Leh and Ladakh where spend the night. In this trip you will truly discover the landscape of the Himalayas.


Bike tour is a new concept in India among adventurous travelers so that we start the best trip offer for Biker to feel some extra inning in his life. Himachal is developing as the center of bike tours in India. As Himachal is situated under the roof of Himalaya, it provides picturesque scenery with valleys, mountains, rivers, temples and monasteries. In India the place nearby Himalaya is considered as sacred place (Dev Bhumi).


Himachal weekend tour packages are cheap and best offer to spend your valuable time in summer weekend trip. Our expert in travel is offering 5 nights and 6 days travel plan for summer vacation packages at low coast. We provide an opportunity to visit Shimla and Manali, the most popular destination in Himachal.


A glimpse of Himachal is an initiative to offer tour packages with the best economic offer. This Himachal trip packages is specially designed by our travel expert with his utmost level of experience. In 11 nights and 12 days, we have tried our level best to include almost all the popular destination of Himachal Pradesh.


Recently born state Uttrakhand, also known as Uttranchal is the most preferred pilgrimage destination in India which includes the focused city such as Hardwar, Rishikesh and Kedarnath tour packages. In this itinerary, our intention is to fulfill the desire of all pilgrimage tourist destinations as well as beautiful scenery and tigers in the National Park in Uttranchal.


Goa is a famous destination among honeymoon couple so that Make A Tour India comes with Goa tour packages with the best travel offer so that you can easily plan your trip finding the best deals for your tours. With the most beautiful beaches one can relax in Goa enjoying dinner with fenny, a local wine. Goa was the center of Portuguese settlement till 1962 so that one can witness Portuguese influence in the cultural heritage of Goa. Goa is really offering a picturesque stay for honeymoon celebration, massage, marine foods and one can enjoy the dance and music. In this tour packages we are intending to offer 3 nights and 4 days stay in Goa with breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Make A Tour India is offering Tamilnadu heritage tours with the best offers in which Tamil culture is included. Tamil or Sangam literature is famous in the history of India. In this tour you will visit temples built in Dravidian style. In this tour you will have an opportunity to spend times with south Indian people in Mahabalipuram market. You have liberty to create a package in accordance with your desire.


Make A Tour India is intending to cover the famous destination under the Karnataka heritage tours which is well renowned for its temple architecture in southern India. In this tour package a visit of magnificent temples, mosque and beautiful palaces are included. We have tried our level best to cover the most visited site for our esteemed traveler. You have also enjoyed south Indian food during your stay at hotel.


Gujarat is becoming the famous tourist spot which receives travelers from all over the world to know vibrant Gujarat. Make A Tour India is offering cheap travel deals to plan Gujarat tours with the best tour packages which covers a trip of amalgamation of temples, palaces, sea beaches and the National Park. We are intending to offer economic travel packages to explore the real treasure of Gujarat state.


Maharashtra is a state full of Marathi culture. Our trip expert is offering the best travel deals for Maharashtra tour packages covering tours in Ajanta and Elora with other famous destinations in the wide spread of the region. We have included a visit to Elephanta caves, a pleasant stay in Lonavala, Khandala and the most popular Shirdi ke Sai Baba. Ajanta and Elora are listed in the UNESCO as world heritage site.


Orissa reminds us ancient settlement with its temples and tribes. In Orissa you will have an opportunity to visit magnificent temples, National Parks and tribal village. You will also enjoy Orissa culture with Odyssey dance with folkloric music. Orissa is famous for the sun temple at Konark and Jagannath temple at Puri. The famous puri yatra with enormous procession in a ubiquitous event celebrated here every year. Hence Make A Tour India comes with unique tour packages for your Orissa tours. You will have also liberty to make your Orissa tour with your own choice.


Andaman, a historical coral island since British time, is a land of colorful myriad where many tribes reside. Andaman is a union territory in India. We offer the best tour packages for Andaman tours to feel a quite different trip in your life. Although this island was inhabited for thousands of years but it came into existence when the British was settled in Port Blair and built Cellular Jail in 1906 for prisoner who received severe punishment. Later Port Blair became the capital city. Recently Andaman is converted into one of the ecological tourist hub in India which received tourist from all over the world, although the accommodation and facilities is not the higher quality. During you Andaman tours you will enjoy marine life on its sand sea beaches, the wealth of forest, trekking and caves.


Our trip adviser is offering Assam and Meghalaya tour packages with tours in Kaziranga and Manas. Find very cheap package for your Assam trip with Make A Tour India. Assam is a land of natural habitat where we find dense forest with picturesque scenery. Assam is having two world famous National Parks in Kaziranga and Manas. The world famous one horn rhino is found in abundance in Kaziranga National Park. Along with these two destinations Guwahati, Shillong, cherrapunjee and Majuli are included in this tour package.


Find economic travel deals for your Manipur tour packages at Make A Tour India which offers a variety of tours so that a traveler can make a hassle free trip. Manipur, the predominantly tribal state, is offering a pleasant stay with great valleys, meandering streams, high mountains, deep gorges and a rich valley of flora and fauna. Manipur is one of the well known states in “Seven sisters”. In this tour package you will have an opportunity to enjoy closely the tribal dance and music.


Mizoram is a hilly place with waterfalls and wildlife. Get your Mizoram tour packages at the best travel deals. Get offers for your tours with our trip expert. It is one of the states in northeastern India known as “Seven sisters”. Mizoram, Covered with verdant forest with bamboos, vibrant wildlife and breathtaking waterfalls, has many unique landmarks of old folklores and picturesque villages. You will enjoy festivals, dances, handicrafts, flora and fauna during your Mizoram tour.


Tripura, the land of green forest with traditional tribal music and dance on ceremonial occasions, is dotted with agricultural lands, lakes and rivers. The genesis of the name Tripura could be traced in the name of an ancient king called ‘Tripur’ ruled in this region. Etymologically Tripura is a combination of two separate words ‘Tui’ means water and ‘Pra’ means near. So the compound word means near water. The geographical location of the state close to the vast water resources of eastern Bengal proves this meaning.


Culturally enriched West Bengal trip really offers ubiquitous Sundervana. Looking for West Bengal tours just book now your packages with Make A Tour India. West Bengal is having earliest European settlement which has been seen in its architectural design of the world famous city of Kolkata. Nobody can forget the Victoria memorial. Nearby Kolkata river Ganges is downing in the Bengal Sea where it creates a giant delta named as Sundervana. Sundervana is famous for Asiatic lion. Darjeeling is a hilly area where tea is grown in a pleasant weather.

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